Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Look what Gerald (my husband) brought in with the morning paper! Even though I retired from teaching in 2005 I still gets excited when the forecast is for snow. I have not retired from "snow check" and continually peek out the window during the night which drives Gerald crazy - he does not appreciate it when I open the bedroom window in the wee hours of the morning to feel for falling snow flakes. I grabbed my camera this morning to get some shots before it melts away. And here is my loyal front porch snowman.

Gosh, the snow is so pretty I am pondering doing the snow dance again tonight, but not until after we all get home from knit night and Ger gets home from work.

I was so excited about the snow I did not even open my kiln until after we put the snowman back outside. Here is a look at the tray when I put it in the kiln then the next is the finished product