Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have have been away from my knitting needles this week but do have some FO's to show off. These are the pendants that I attached bails to yesterday.

This morning when I opened my little kiln this is what I saw. I hope you can see the little "fingers" on the snowman.

I also made some buttons. The bottom green one was an experiment using clear stringer. I wondered why on earth they put clear stringer in that package but decided to try it anyway. I was happy to see that it did not just fade away into the background. I like the results.
Next are some blue buttons. They are all from cut from the same sheet of glass. I think they would be pretty on a sweater. I bought the glass because it was the same color as my favorite car - it was a 1988 Nissan 300ZX. Oh my, I cannot tell you how many speeding tickets I got in it!
This last one did not turn out as I expected but I do love the tropical colors.

My week started off slow and I did not even make it to my Tuesday night knit group ( I always look forward to time spent with this group of friends)because I was a bit under the weather. Once the barometer went up and the sun came out my energy returned and I have spent time in my "studio", which is really the breakfast area that I turned into my sewing room. It is now my sewing room/glass studio. I love this little area with its five windows where I am drenched in sunshine and can at least pretend it is warm outside.....have I mentioned that I prefer 365 days of summer?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Daria Purse

I have only a few rows to go to finish the second side of the purse and will only have the strap that also joins the three sides. I plan to put in a lining. I am going to surprise, no shock, my knitting group with the progress I have made. I really do love working with this yarn (Noro daria) - thought it would be rough on my hands but it is not.

Today I have been to the Y for my deep water class, to Sam's club and dusted furniture. I probably will not knit until tonight or tomorrow at the River City Knitters meeting because I need to make some glass to get in my kiln, for the show we have in two weeks and the commission that we need to finish.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


My good friend Cathy is helping me set up a blog. Although I read blogs I have never tried one because I really am not much of a writer. My husband tells me that when I am out of town the letters I send start with a capital letter and end with a single solitary period five pages later.

I am the queen of UFO's because I have a stash of yarn, a cache of knitting needles, patterns and several projects on needles but have only a pile of dishcloths and a few scarves to show for it. Of course I have to admit that I also have two cedar chests full of fabric that spans several decades and I have not cut into it yet. I really am on the way to completing a new knitting project that I started this past weekend at our knitting retreat in Clarksville - it is the Daria Purse and I am about half way there. Hope to get it done in a few days and post pictures - well as soon as Cathy guides me through that process.


I am helping HRH (aka her royalhighness, the Queen) set up her new blog - let's wish her well!