Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have have been away from my knitting needles this week but do have some FO's to show off. These are the pendants that I attached bails to yesterday.

This morning when I opened my little kiln this is what I saw. I hope you can see the little "fingers" on the snowman.

I also made some buttons. The bottom green one was an experiment using clear stringer. I wondered why on earth they put clear stringer in that package but decided to try it anyway. I was happy to see that it did not just fade away into the background. I like the results.
Next are some blue buttons. They are all from cut from the same sheet of glass. I think they would be pretty on a sweater. I bought the glass because it was the same color as my favorite car - it was a 1988 Nissan 300ZX. Oh my, I cannot tell you how many speeding tickets I got in it!
This last one did not turn out as I expected but I do love the tropical colors.

My week started off slow and I did not even make it to my Tuesday night knit group ( I always look forward to time spent with this group of friends)because I was a bit under the weather. Once the barometer went up and the sun came out my energy returned and I have spent time in my "studio", which is really the breakfast area that I turned into my sewing room. It is now my sewing room/glass studio. I love this little area with its five windows where I am drenched in sunshine and can at least pretend it is warm outside.....have I mentioned that I prefer 365 days of summer?


  1. I am loving your Blog!and loving your latest glass creations! Is that a snowman button I see?!?! Fantastic!!

  2. STOP making such bea-u-ti-ful pendants already!