Thursday, January 22, 2009


My good friend Cathy is helping me set up a blog. Although I read blogs I have never tried one because I really am not much of a writer. My husband tells me that when I am out of town the letters I send start with a capital letter and end with a single solitary period five pages later.

I am the queen of UFO's because I have a stash of yarn, a cache of knitting needles, patterns and several projects on needles but have only a pile of dishcloths and a few scarves to show for it. Of course I have to admit that I also have two cedar chests full of fabric that spans several decades and I have not cut into it yet. I really am on the way to completing a new knitting project that I started this past weekend at our knitting retreat in Clarksville - it is the Daria Purse and I am about half way there. Hope to get it done in a few days and post pictures - well as soon as Cathy guides me through that process.

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