Friday, August 28, 2009

Playing with Matches!

Playing with matches used to get me in trouble when I was a little girl - you should have seen my mom when I lit up an entire book at once to see what would happen. Look what happened now that I am all grown up! Oh - I still burned my finger a little.

Nancy will be arriving in Hawaii in a couple of hours - I do hope she has good weather. I am so happy that she is getting to spend her 30th anniversary there. Bo planned it all - way to go!

Halloween is only a couple of months away and I already have two witches out in the living room! It is the only holiday that I decorate early for. Halloween glass was a bit more of a challenge but here is the black cat that my friend Barbara adopted the very first time it left the house - that's ok since I'm allergic to cats!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Craft Fair

It was a great weekend - first of all my sister Nancy was here which always guarantees fun.

My knitting guild, the River City Knitters , had a Craft and Art Fair for this months meeting. It's always great to see people enthusiastic about what we do and since these customers are our friends we'll have the opporutnity of seeing them wear our creations.

We really appreciate all the hard work our friend Cathy did of putting this show together - she did an amazing job.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My sister is a winner!

Nancy's apple windchime placed third in the artglass group challenge this month(read more about that here). The challenge was to use RED as the focus of the object. Way to go little sister!

Everythings All White!

Well, quite a bit is anyway. Here is a pictoral update on some of what is done - still have a lot to paint. First my "studio" which has wonderful light most of the day and the reason I work downstairs instead of using the spare room upstairs where my mess would be hidden.
I took the next two looking at an angle that captured a bit of the kitchen and hall. The bifold doors hide the laundry room - Gerald suggested we make glass knobs for the doors. You can see how much brighter the white is than the old Navajo White still in the living room awaiting my paintbrush.
One pillar and front door still needs paint. Wish you could have seen the surprised look when Gerald came home to the blue pantry!

Bo grows the absolute best tomatos - I picked them last night. I went up to one of my favorite glass shops to get more glass for Christmas tree pins, and drop off a "crop of trees" for Nancy to decorate when she gets home from Orlando. While I was there I saw these ripe tomatos so helped myself!



Daisy Days
St. Catherine's School
Grove Avene
Richmond VA

August 22
River City Knitters

September 8
Fort Belvoir, VA

October 3
Selma Railroad Days
Selma NC

October 13
BWOC Luncheon
Fort Belvoir, VA

October 17
24th Annual Arts & Crafts Showcase
Lake Braddock Secondary School
Juried Show
9200 Burke Lake Road
Burke, VA

October 24
St. James Episcopal Church
Alexandria, VA

November 7th 9am - 3pm
Clover Hill HS Annual Craft Fair
9am - 3pm
13900 Hull Street
Midlothian, VA 23112

November 12 & 13
St. Aidens Episcopal Day School
Alexandria, VA
Nov 12: 9am - 1pm
Nov 13: 9am - 1pm and 7pm - 9pm

November 20 & 21
St. Mary's Catholic School
Holiday Bazaar
400 Green Street
Old Town Alexandria
Preveiw, Nov 20: 7pm - 9pm
Nov 21: 10am - 4pm

December 1
DAR Christmas Bazaar
Mt. Vernon Country Club
Alexandria, VA
9:30 - 1:30

December 5
Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
2341 Winterfield Rd
Midlothian, VA
9am - 3pm

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Things!

We have a new design for our business card....tell me what you think.
I have been a slacker lately, as far as posting goes, but I have been painting walls. It started with just the dining room and then I was only going to do the studio/sewing room but since that portion of ceiling is continuous through the kitchen and hall I had to keep going. Hard to believe it but I really love the pure white (I did leave the bit of turquoise in the kitchen). Next week I will work on the living room but probably at a bit of a slower pace so I can play with glass too.

While I have been painting Nancy has made some pretty things. Her apple windchime is finished - Gerald made jumprings and I wired it all together. Here it is in my backyard.
She also made this pretty sushi dish which I named Four Corners. It is really prettier in person corners, which are transparent, are lighter and the center is a solid turquoise/aqua.
I worked some on my bobbin lace making rosegrounds (this is an 8 step process to complete one little pattern) and think I have the hang of it without having to refer to the instructions quite as much.
I also changed the look, a bit less fussy, of our official TG Designs blog -give it a look. I am not quite satisfied with it but not sure what else I want to do.