Friday, August 28, 2009

Playing with Matches!

Playing with matches used to get me in trouble when I was a little girl - you should have seen my mom when I lit up an entire book at once to see what would happen. Look what happened now that I am all grown up! Oh - I still burned my finger a little.

Nancy will be arriving in Hawaii in a couple of hours - I do hope she has good weather. I am so happy that she is getting to spend her 30th anniversary there. Bo planned it all - way to go!

Halloween is only a couple of months away and I already have two witches out in the living room! It is the only holiday that I decorate early for. Halloween glass was a bit more of a challenge but here is the black cat that my friend Barbara adopted the very first time it left the house - that's ok since I'm allergic to cats!


  1. What a beautiful pendant. I'm not much on Halloween, but I am already shopping for costumes for the dogs!

  2. I didn't see that one last week- guess Barbara saw it really early!! I am still kicking myself for not getting the "candy corn" earrings.