Friday, August 7, 2009

Everythings All White!

Well, quite a bit is anyway. Here is a pictoral update on some of what is done - still have a lot to paint. First my "studio" which has wonderful light most of the day and the reason I work downstairs instead of using the spare room upstairs where my mess would be hidden.
I took the next two looking at an angle that captured a bit of the kitchen and hall. The bifold doors hide the laundry room - Gerald suggested we make glass knobs for the doors. You can see how much brighter the white is than the old Navajo White still in the living room awaiting my paintbrush.
One pillar and front door still needs paint. Wish you could have seen the surprised look when Gerald came home to the blue pantry!

Bo grows the absolute best tomatos - I picked them last night. I went up to one of my favorite glass shops to get more glass for Christmas tree pins, and drop off a "crop of trees" for Nancy to decorate when she gets home from Orlando. While I was there I saw these ripe tomatos so helped myself!

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