Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pictures from Friday Holiday Bazaar

Gerald before shoppers arrived!
Making more glass for next weekend at 
Dulles Expo center
Northern Virginia Christmas Market
Booth 185.5-186

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Goodbye Summer hello Fall, and art shows

I am a Summer kind of girl!
 I love all things summer - sunshine, hot days, pastels, watermelon, newly mown grass, flowers, fresh fruit. I could go on and on. Fall has three things going for it the scent of my Fortunes Osmanthus in bloom (you can smell it half a block away - sort of like being in a California orange grove), Halloween and bright colors. This year has been so spectacular I almost thought I was in New England.  I have NEVER seen my crepe myrtles in such splendor. I love purple crepes so my DH planted lined the driveway, put one at the corner of the sidewalk going to the front door and one out the bathroom window. 
A few of the crepes that line my driveway.

We have a full season of art shows starting next Friday, at the Richmond Country Club


Waiting to be packed up!
Holiday glass - been making a lot of this in all sizes and shapes.

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year continues with good news

In addition to  my sister moving to Richmond, we have been accepted into the Bizarre Bazaar both Spring and Christmas shows and now

We are expecting............a Bathtub Kiln! It will arrive the end of the month giving us time to prepare the "nursery"/gargae for its arrival. Have to rearrange all my glass and do a general clean out as well as have the a dedicated outlet put in for it.