Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pictures from Friday Holiday Bazaar

Gerald before shoppers arrived!
Making more glass for next weekend at 
Dulles Expo center
Northern Virginia Christmas Market
Booth 185.5-186

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Goodbye Summer hello Fall, and art shows

I am a Summer kind of girl!
 I love all things summer - sunshine, hot days, pastels, watermelon, newly mown grass, flowers, fresh fruit. I could go on and on. Fall has three things going for it the scent of my Fortunes Osmanthus in bloom (you can smell it half a block away - sort of like being in a California orange grove), Halloween and bright colors. This year has been so spectacular I almost thought I was in New England.  I have NEVER seen my crepe myrtles in such splendor. I love purple crepes so my DH planted lined the driveway, put one at the corner of the sidewalk going to the front door and one out the bathroom window. 
A few of the crepes that line my driveway.

We have a full season of art shows starting next Friday, at the Richmond Country Club


Waiting to be packed up!
Holiday glass - been making a lot of this in all sizes and shapes.