Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bobbin Lace and Flowers

Although I only like sunny days I do appreciate what the rain does for my garden. I truly believe the drops that are heaven sent do so much more than anything out of a garden hose. The first two picturs are iris' that came from my father's garden. The last iris and the rose garden (well one section of the rose garden) is compliments of my husband, Gerald who has put in many many hours making this my special area and I really do appreciate it.

I have not done much bobbin lacing for quite a while and on Monday I went to Williamsbug to join a goup that meets monthly. I reconnected with two ladies - that I had not seen in quite some time. Carolyn(at whose home we met) and I used to take classes with LacySusan aka Susan Wenzel who makes beautiful lace so fast that her hands are a blur of bobbins and thread. The other lady looked so familiar when I met her on Monday - turns out were in my first lampworking bead class that we took at a bobbin lace convention in Pennsylvania several years ago. I had a wonderful time and half finished a very simple bookmark. Here are pictures of my pillow before and after class. .....I only took up bobbin lace to collect pretty bobbins. The ones on this pillow are mostly carved bone and blown glass.

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  1. Beautiful, but oh... that looks too much like work for me!