Saturday, April 18, 2009

Knitting, painting, new glass success!

I did not make it to knit night due to a migrane(I really miss spending time with my TNK friends) but did get to knit with my prayer shawl group at church later in the week. I am almost done with the shawl and hope to get in done in the next two weeks, after the sale at Daisy Days, because I am ready for closure on this project. I will then finish another so nearly done piece - my Daria purse - I think I only have 2o inches of 6 stitch rows to complete the strap and then just need to sew it together.

I have been wanting to experiment with Spectrum 96 glass because they make such lovely vibrant tranparents. It fuses differently than COE90 that I use and is not compatible with the 90 so has to be stored separately. I had success with the larger piece but would like a crisper edge to the smaller ones. I will have to work on the firing schedule for pendant sizes but believe I nailed the large size on the first try! Here they are.

Today I am going to prime my dining room to repaint it. It is in need of fresh paint since it has been the old neutral, Navajo for about 13 years. We want to liven it up but having a hard time picking the color - the room faces the north and unlike the rest of the house gets only sun in the morning and the neutral looks so drab in the afternoon that I try to avoid coming in here. Ger has his vote in for yellow - good golly there are a zillion versions of yellow but as long as it does not scream at me and goes with the adjoining open kitchen which is turquoise (my favorite) I will glady go with it. I wonder what samples he will bring me tonight.

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