Friday, April 10, 2009

Orange toaster, cheese trays, pendants

Those who know me know I love everything southwest - cactus, dry heat, sunshine and the colors. After we bought this house, while my husband was at High Point, I painted the kitchen turquoise - he was ...surprised! Well my toaster finally bit the dust and I found the best Tangerine Kitchen Aid one. The wall looks blue but is actually a lovely turquoise.

This morning I took out another cheese tray, my 4th this week, and put in a tray of pendants- I took a picture just before I closed the kiln on them and will take another when they come out. I always hope for a pleasant surprise. I did a little knitting while watching Hell's Kitchen last night. It seems that prayer shawl is doing the "fish and loaves" thing and is never going to get done.