Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Busy weekend,shawl almost done & scary glass

I am almost finished with the Prayer Shawl - I got all the rows finished on our trip Sunday (more about that below) and last night Patsy showed me the magic to create the fringe. I'm almost done.

We started off the weekend early by going to the Greek Festival on Thursday evening - good food and we always see people we haven't seen in a while. Friday afternoon I drove to Chapel Hill where I met up with 3 of my bobbin lacing friends with whom I went to the NCRL Spring Lace Day on Saturday. We stayed at a hotel in Graham, NC and ate dinner on the patio of a local restaurant in the tiny downtown. Saturday we drove into Chapel Hill for lace day - it was fun. I bought bobbins from my favorite vendors, a wooden one from Richard Worthen and from Susan Wenzel (aka Lacy Susan) a lovely carved bone and a glass one, which I will need to spangle with beads. Aren't they pretty?

On Sunday Gerald and I went to the Chrysler Musuem to view more of the art of glass exhibit, we got there late and they gave us a discount so we plan to return on Friday. There is an entire room of the works by an artist from Italy, Lino Tagliapetra who at 74 is still creating incredible works of art. http://http// but pictures do not even begin to do his work justice.

Some of the glass I made during the week - I have more but have not taken pictures.

Blues and greens: I really like dichroic glass and my favorite combinations are blues, greens and purples followed my the red, orange and golds. It was the first that I played with last week. Dicro is difficult to photograph because it reflects ligth every which way, but that is why it is so nice to wear.

It is only one pair of earrings but I took pics at diffrent camera angles. The center is blues and purples.

After making the shawl pin for Cathy I got on a pink binge and made a few pendants then since I put blue stringer in one of the pendants I was going to make earrings to match but that blue and green thing I have took over. I have been trying different ways to make the jewelry look good in phots and used a milk glass dish that belonged to my mother but I think I need to arrange the beans better if I want to use it. I like black beans because they do not create more of a reflection..and they make great soup too.

What was I thinking! I really really want to like frit - it is so pretty in jars and bags but just does not work when I use it. I could see them as buttons on some voodoo doll.


  1. Lovely glass- just love all those greens and blues. You are so talented with your glasswork, bobbin lacing and knitting- Congrats on finishing your prayer shawl. Pictures please :)


  2. Beautiful! No matter what medium, you do such lovely work...