Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busy week and DAR invitation

Last weekend I did my first two day and one night show flying solo at St. Aidens in Alexandria. Lucky for me Bo helped me set up and take down and he did all the lugging in the rain so I could stay dry. Both last year and this year the weather has been rainy for this show but it did not stop people from coming out. Gina Lee, the organizer, did a great job and had wine and cheese for shoppers and vendors on Friday nite. Lucky for me Bo was able to help me set up and take down the booth. I stayed so busy I never got to take a picture of the booth but here is a picture of the show at St. James - it was the last one Nancy and I did together, a few days before her surgery.
Nancy has had her stitches out and can move around on crutches - but only for 5 minues each hour - she has to have her foot elevated at waist height the other 55minutes.

We had an exciting invitation, from the DAR in Alexandria, to participate in their Christmas Bazaar. It seems their Regent saw us at one of our previous shows and liked our work. So the first week of December will be a busy one with two shows in 5 days and my dentist appointment in the middle.

So far this week I have two trays out of the kiln and cooling right now are two candle plates. I have a load of "jewels" waiting their turn to go in.

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