Monday, November 2, 2009

Tuna Does Vegas , Ocean Windchime

Yesterday we met Nancy and Bo at the WarnerTheatre for the Sunday matinee of "Tuna Does Vegas". It was wonderful and we laughed so much.
This is the last week Nancy will be mobile, or at least on her feet, for a good while. On Friday she has surgery - they will start with her on her stomach to release her Achilles tendon, from just behind her knee, then they will turn her over for three more procedures (among them to remove that floating piece of bone the is causing her so much pain). The surgeon anticipates a four hour surgery after which for several weeks she has to keep her foot elevated and can lower it no more than 10 minutes - she will be issued a wheel chair. When all of this is healed she will finally get the knee replacement on her other leg.
I also picked up a windchime she finished that one of our friends commissioned as a gift for someone. Isn't it pretty? Of course the colors are so much prettier in person. I will string up the chimes later this afternoon.

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  1. That looks like a pretty wind chime. I wonder if you ever thought about making glass wind spinners, too?