Friday, October 16, 2009

Fishy tray, Crozet festival and the Blue Ridge

I came back in town last night and will be leaving again tomorrow since we get to set up for Saturdays show at Lake Braddock HS tomorrow evening.

Nancy made this neat Fish tile as a commission for a friend. She has the patience to bend stringer in a flame for the tenacles.

I took this shot while Nancy she was setting up our "booth" at Fort Belvoir - she doesn't know I took it! The Potomac is outside that window behind us.

Sunday Gerald and I went to an early church service then went to the Crozet arts festival where a vendor offered to take our picture. We had a great time. When we finished there we went to Carter's Apple Orchard and picked apples. We also ran into some friends, the Parker's, that we had not seen in a while - we had a great visit.

Blue Ridge from Carter's Orchard.

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  1. Now I'm REALLY sorry we didn't make it to Crozet last Sunday! About 5pm, the Knight said, "You know what we should have done today?"...