Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where did September go, solo show, Nancy's surgery

September flew by and took with it my favorite season...Summer. I really like those hot summer days, especially the ones in the desert with no more than a miniscule percent of humidity.

October has brought my second favorite - I really love fall and the smell of early morning air but just wish for 90's in the afternoon. Last weekend worked the Selma Railroad Days show - we had a great spot just down from the main bandstand.

I booked my first show solo show. On Novemeber 7 I will be in town at Clover Hill High School for their annual fall craft festival. Gerald will set me up early and send James to pack me out. Nancy is having her first surgery on November 6 for a bone chip that is floating around loose and damage to two tendons - there will be 3 incisions -ouch! She has to get that fixed before she can get her new knee.

I am thinking of going camping this weekend - just turned the 'fridge on in my Winnebago.


  1. Oh, go camping! I'm hoping it won't rain so much on Saturday...

    I love October too. Those crisp mornings and warm afternoons... bliss.

  2. I wanna go in the camping-van!